Trivium Pursuit



The Courtship by Adrien Ferdinand De Braekeleer (1818-1904)

3 Responses to “Courtship”

  1. gena suarez Says:

    Awwww, that’s cute. Hugs all around. Hopefully we’ll see you later this month.


  2. Christine Masloske Says:

    Four courtship paintings/photos posted in the last couple of weeks? Hmmmmm…methinks there’s a theme here! Praise ye the Lord – our prayers are with you all!

    Love in Christ,

    P.S. Thanks for posting some drawings from the Men of Iron book. Our copy only has the cover but none of Mr. Pyle’s drawings. The characters sure look different than what we imagined them to look like.

  3. jul Says:

    That picture is not well lit. It is hard to tell who the people are who are walking in it.
    Do you care to enlighten?