Trivium Pursuit

March First

Was yours a lion or a lamb today?

It was definitely a lion here in New Boston, Illinois.


Winter by N.C. Wyeth, published/created 1909

3 Responses to “March First”

  1. Jason Stanford Says:

    We had a lion down here in Green Valley, IL as well. Many of the fields have standing water in them, and the wind churned up some pretty good sized waves. It was strange to feel like you were on a bridge over a lake, but know that the water around you was only a few inches deep.

  2. Susan Ryan Says:

    Most definitely a lion. And I think the lion is going to hang around for awhile.

  3. jul Says:

    Lion…but it was a Californianish lion:
    windy with rain but not cold.
    The wind chimes have been playing quite a tune.
    Our temps have been pretty pleasant here in south-west Virginia.