Trivium Pursuit

New Year’s Eve Party and a Contest For You!

This year’s theme was Charlotte’s Web. Sometimes we like to play little tricks on our New Year’s Eve Party guests. Can you guess what the tricks were (hint: look at the photos)? The first person to tell me two tricks we played wins a copy of The Fallacy Detective. Leave your guesses in the comment section below.

Here’s Charlotte taking up residence in our living room right before the guests arrive.

Let’s start off with the Pea-Ka-Bobs appetizer

Poor Wilbur

Helena’s artwork — decorated sugar cookies

Plenty to eat

Pig Slops, a.k.a. Raspberry Trifle

Foosball Tournament

Pistachios for the low-carb dieters

Jason bravely eats his first shrimp — and wins a prize.

Taboo — the game of unspeakable fun

Happy Birthday, Dewayne and Greg

Harvey’s favorite

The game with no name.

Anyone have a name for this game?

A party wouldn’t be a party without charades.

A little bird told me.

How do you act out, “a loaf of bread”?

Dead Ringer

Last game before midnight

Happy New Year!

11 Responses to “New Year’s Eve Party and a Contest For You!”

  1. Christine Masloske Says:

    Happy New Year!

    Is it the spider and snake in the food?

  2. Ruth Parkinson Says:

    There is a spider in the Pistachios and a snake in the peanuts.

    Thanks for this contest.

    Ruth P

  3. Laurie Bluedorn Says:

    Christine wins a copy of The Fallacy Detective.

  4. Jordan Says:

    Great pics. :-) I’m a Taboo master.

  5. Charlotte Says:

    Wonderful pictures…Helena’s cookies look too beautiful to eat!

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  8. Lisa Says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun. Theme parties are a good idea, especially with the little tricks!!

    Here via the carnival of family life.

  9. Stephanie Says:

    It looks like a great party! Love all the creative ideas!

    Here via CFL

  10. Katie Says:

    If the “Game With No Name” is the one in which each person begins with text and draws a secret picture to illustrate or interprets this picture into words until it is a far cry from what she began with, then it’s a game we call “Telephone Pictionary” or “Picture Down the Lane”.

    This is my absolute favourite game, by the way.


  11. patricia cochran Says:

    there is a snake and a spider in the two different kinds of nuts.