Trivium Pursuit

The Film Festival

Images of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.
Photos taken by Nathaniel Bluedorn and Jason Stanford.

Are we there yet?

Alex and Brett, sons of Gregg Harris, live blogging the event

Jordan Niednagel – Jordan’s wonderful film The Book of Being was a semi-finalist

Panavision guy demonstrating an HD camera

Isaac Botkin and a 35mm camera

35mm camera

Stephen Kendrick, producer of the movie Facing the Giants

High altitude adventure photographer and homechool dad David Rasmussen (on left)

The film academy

John Moore and David Heustis — their film A Lifetime of Childlike Faith was runner-up for Best Documentary

A young filmmaker

Phillip and Chris Leclerc, makers of the film The White Handkerchief (you’ll definitely need a handkerchief while watching it)

Charlie Zahm

The Duggar family

Jubilee winners — The Oath of Desormeau

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  1. Kellie Says:

    How can we see the films that were at the film festival?