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Fallacy Detective Test

If you would like to receive the final test for The Fallacy Detective, email us at info at christianlogic dot com with your full name, and tell us if you are a homeschooling parent or a classroom teacher.

6 Responses to “Fallacy Detective Test”

  1. Noelle Says:

    I would like a copy of the fallacy detective quiz,
    could you send it to my email at
    its for my class


  2. Julie Shields Says:

    Please send me a copy of the test for The Fallacy Detective. Also, if there is a test for “The Thinking Toolbox,” I’d like to have a copy of that as well.

    I am a homeschooling parent.

    Thanks so much!

  3. rose Says:

    Please send copy of test for The Fallacy Detective and The Thinking Toolbox, if available. We will be using these books in our homeschool this year.

    Than Q.

  4. Janice Huber Says:

    I teach 8th grade Language Arts in a small public school district. I bought The Fallacy Detective at Mardel’s Christian bookstore to supplement the lessons my textbook offers on this subject. My students really enjoy these lessons. I would like to receive “The Fallacy Detective Test” if you still are offering it.

  5. Jennifer Koh Says:

    I would like to receive the Fallacy Detective Test

  6. LaurieBluedorn Says:

    You can get the test here