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Thursday, July 6th, 2006

We just finished listening to The Mustang Herder by Max Brand, read by Will Osborne. It’s western fiction along the same lines as Louis L’Amour, and Mr. Osborne’s special style of reading adds considerably to the enjoyment of listening.

NEA on Homeschooling

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

This was sent to us by reader Lennie Jarratt: The NEA is targeting homeschoolers. They adopted the following resolution at their annual meeting: B-73. Home Schooling Adopted Preliminary Report Amend by addition on page 32, line 22, “When home schooling occurs, students enrolled must meet all state curricular requirements, including the taking and passing of […]

Filming at Meramec

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006

Here are some photos from our June 30, July 1-2 filming at Meramec State Park in Missouri. We filmed 20% of the movie two weeks ago and another 60% this weekend. It was very exhausting, but it’s done. Next Saturday we do the vertical entrance. I’m starting to look forward to these shooting days. If […]

My Mommy, My Teacher

Monday, July 3rd, 2006

Review of My Mommy, My Teacher by Karen W. at Wired Wisdom I was delighted when I received My Mommy, My Teacher by Johannah Bluedorn — so was my daughter, and she immediately claimed it as her own. The title grabbed her attention right away. “Mommy, this book is about you. You are my mommy […]

Powerful Sermons

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

The audio of all these sermons can be found at Sermon Audio. In Everything By Prayer by A.W. Tozer (preached 1960) Why everything in God’s church should be done by prayer. People believe they are self-sufficient and have “the instinctive wisdom of the race.” We believe in the soundness of our moral judgements and the […]

Using Webster

Saturday, July 1st, 2006

How do you use the Noah Webster spelling book to teach spelling and grammar? I have borrowed the book from a friend because I have heard it spoken of so highly, but can’t figure out exactly how to use it. I think the biggest problem I am having is understanding where to find rules for […]


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