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Tornado Last Night in New Boston

We have good news, and we have bad news.

All 7 persons are safe. All 12 animals are safe. The 3 cars are undamaged. The house has only minor damage.

We used to have two rows of beautiful 60-year-old cedar trees, but last night they sacrificed themselves for us.

We used to have a unique 70-year-old horse barn.

6 Responses to “Tornado Last Night in New Boston”

  1. The Wests Says:

    Oh, my goodness, we could not believe the pictures. We were so thankful when you called to tell us you were fine that the Lord had kept you all safe, including the animals.

    We love you all.

    The West Family

  2. Barbara Says:

    Laurie, so glad that you are all OK and the animals too. Now we understand why there are so few trees around compared to New Zealand. Your trees were beautiful with lots of character. So sorry to hear that you have lost them and your unique 70-year-old horse barn.


  3. Tami Says:

    I am so glad your home and family and pets were spared. What a sight in your yard! God is so GOOD to us!

    Have a blessed day! Tami

  4. Bogards Says:

    My husband was just saying last night(4-15) while looking at the NOAA website that people in Iowa were getting hit pretty bad. Hope you all didn’t get any more damage during that eve too. Glad you’re all safe. We’d save animals if we had them and our computers too! It was nice of your friends to come right away to help you. Take care.

  5. Tricia Says:

    Laurie and family,

    Glad to hear you are all safe and well… Sorry about the trees and barn, but God protected your family and animals and that is soooo wonderful! God bless and take care,

  6. Noel Adams Says:

    Dear Bluedorns,
    We are so grateful to hear that the important things are still around. God is merciful. I guess it’s another story of His great faithfulness to pass down the line.
    Love to you all!