Trivium Pursuit

Next Stop — England

The contest yesterday must have been too difficult — we still don’t have a winner. Try this one….

Where are Toodles and Mr. Pippin today? What famous structure is in these pictures?

The 5th person to email me (bluedorn AT triviumpursuit DOT com) the correct answer wins a copy of The Thinking Toolbox.

Yesterday’s contest is still running.

Just as soon as we get winners on these two contests, we’ll run another one.

24 Responses to “Next Stop — England”

  1. Jill Kirk Says:

    Big Ben

  2. Kelli Says:

    Eiffel Tower, Paris

  3. Roberta Says:

    Big Ben in London England. :)

  4. karen munsell Says:

    big ben, london, england

  5. Bernadette Lyford Says:

    Big Ben in London, England.

  6. wendy may Says:

    Big Ben

  7. Deborah Fischer Says:

    Toodles and Mr. Pippin are standing in front of Big Ben.

  8. Joralyssa Conley Says:

    Big Ben in London, England.

  9. Laura Koch Says:

    Big Ben

  10. Debra Says:

    London, England
    Big Ben

  11. Blanchards Says:

    This is not Big Ben. Big Ben is just the bell in the top of the tower. This building is part of the Houses of Parliament in London right on the Thames.

  12. Annamarie Says:

    While the building is known as the Houses of Parliment, it’s correct name is The Palace Of Westminster.

  13. Cindy Rogers Says:

    clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, London, England

  14. Susan Peisker Says:

    The clock is Big Ben, and the building is Westminster Hall, or the House of Parliament. I verified the name on my London map (BTA, 1988 version!).

  15. Kelli Says:

    Paris, Eiffel Tower..
    >I think this is it
    >Kelli Yanez
    >Northern NJ

  16. Cecilia Says:

    Big Ben was my answer!

  17. Dena Conrad Says:

    They are near Big Ben in London.
    >Dena Conrad

  18. Roxie Lews Says:

    Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster in London, England

    Roxie Lewis

  19. Roxie Lews Says:

    Big Ben actually refers not to the clock-tower itself, but to the thirteen ton bell hung within,which was named after the first commissioner of works, Sir Benjamin Hall.

  20. Michelle Loewy Says:

    Standing in front of St. Stephen’s Tower of the
    Houses of Parliament in London England.

  21. Toni Colgrove Says:

    >They are in London, England. Big Ben is behind them.

  22. Stephen Says:

    The building is Big Ben, the tower of the House of Parliament, aka Westminster, in London England.
    Stephen, 12

  23. Terrill Says:


    Is it called Big Ben? in London, I think.

    I am probably too late- just sat down to my computer. :-)

  24. Lovelady Family Says:

    Toodles and Mr. Pippin are in London, England.
    The structure is Big Ben.