Trivium Pursuit

Scratch and Dent Sale — February

Dead Man’s Chest: The Sequel to Treasure Island by Roger L. Johnson, read by Ralph Cosham, unabridged audiobook, Blackstone Audiobooks, 14 CDs, good condition, $25.

Jenny’s Latin Set, 1990 edition, [consists of: 1 First Year Text (hardback), 1 Second Year Text (hardback), 1 Third Year Text (hardback), 1 Fourth Year Text (hardback), 1 First Year Workbook (softcover), 2 Second Year Workbooks (softcover), 1 First Year Teacher’s Resource Book in 3-Ring Binder with 2 cassettes, 1 Second Year Teacher’s Resource Book in 3-Ring Binder with 1 cassette tape, 1 Third Year Teacher’s Guide (softcover), 1 Fourth Year Teacher’s Guide (softcover)], all in good condition, $95.

Ten P’s in a Pod: A Million-Mile Journal of the Arnold Pent Family by Arnold Pent III, hardback, good condition, $8.

That Of Which Our Fathers Spoke: Writings and speeches from the founding era, 1 copy left (OOP), new, $3.

The Fallacy Detective by Bluedorn, 2 slightly damaged copies, $11.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DVD, 2 discs, $4.

The Lord Builds the House by Bluedorn, very slightly damaged, $8.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers DVD, 2 discs, $4.

The Thinking Toolbox by Bluedorn, 1 slightly damaged copy, $11.

Critical Thinking Course Mp3 audio messages (19) of a Christ College Logic and Critcal Thinking class, working through Copi and Cohen and Engel – Covering Classroom Discussions on: Argument and Logic, Theology of Argument, Language, Logical Fallacies, Categorical Syllogisms, Symbolic Logic, Deductive Proof, and Quantified Proof plus 2 formal debates on the Existence of God Mp3 CD, Dr. Greg Bahnsen, 1 CD,, $10.

The Van Til Mp3 Collection: Mp3 CD of Dr. Cornelius Van Til’s audio lectures and sermons. Van Til was professor of apologetics at Westminster Seminary (1929-1972). Listen to him directly on a whole host of subjects. Over 65 Mp3 files on one CD,, 1 CD, $20.

Hallelujah What a Saviour: Harps of Praise CD, $5.

Hymns for a Modern Reformation, James Montgomery Boice and Paul Steven Jones, performed by Tenth Church Choir and Soloists Westminster Brass CD, $5.

Handfuls of Help for Evangelists, pastors, and teachers by E.A. Hewitt, old, can’t find a date, fair condition, $5.

What Science is and How it Works by Gregory N. Derry, hardcover, good condition except underlining on one sentence, $5.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas in Latin (Quomodo Invidiosulus nomine Grinchus Christi Natalem Abrogaverit) by Seuss, hardcover, Bolchazy Carducci Publishers, like new, $8.

Living Hebrew: A Complete Language Course, 40 Lessons complete on 4 — 33 1/3 RPM records plus 2–80 page booklets, The Living Language Course, 1 small scratch on one record, $10.

Rich Dad, It’s Easy to Be Rich…., Cashflow 101, 3 tapes only in a case (not the game, but it came with the game), good condition, $10.

The Alphabet for Biblical Greek by Johannah Bluedorn, this is the old edition which is OOP now, we have 5 copies left, new, $5.

Quest for the High Places by Natalie Nyquist, paperback, good condition, $5.

The Teaching Company, A History of Hitler’s Empire 2nd Edition CDs taught by Prof Thomas Childers, Part 1, 12 lectures — 6 CDs, good condition, $15.

The Teaching Company, Economics CDs taught by Prof Timothy Taylor (it doesn’t say which edition it is, so I assume it is the first edition), Parts 1, 2, and 3, 20 lectures — 20 CDs, good condition, $40.

The Teaching Company, Theories of Human Development CDs taught by Prof Malcolm W. Watson, Parts 1 and 2, 24 lectures — 12 CDs, good condition, $40.

The Teaching Company, Contemporary Economic Issues CDs taught by Prof Timothy Taylor, Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, 48 lectures — 24 CDs, good condition, $70.

Seminar Cassette Tapes — $3 each

Negotiation Skills of Solomon by Ken Sande
Peacemaking Skills for the Family, School, and Church by Ken Sande
10 Things to Do Before Age Ten by Bluedorn
Introduction to the Classical Trivium by Bluedorn
Pastors by Norm Wakefield
10 copies of Learning Logic at Home by Nathaniel and Hans Bluedorn
2 copies of How to Use the Internet to Do Research by Nathaniel Bluedorn

Shipping on these items is $3.50 for orders up through $25; $5 up through $50; $7 up through $75; $9.75 up through $100. All of these items must be ordered by phone using a credit card or paypal. You can combine a scratch and dent order with a regular order if you like, but the order must be called in. 309-537-3641

2 Responses to “Scratch and Dent Sale — February”

  1. bonnie Says:

    I am interested in obtaining Jenny’s Latin (books I – IV) with teaching ancillaries – they are in your list, are they still available? Thank you.

  2. Melissa Says:

    I am interested in “The Alphabet For Biblical Greek”- Are they still available? I am also intersted in “The Alphabet For Biblical Hebrew”. I cannot seem to find them anywhere? Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you,